Monetizing Web Content & Traffic with Content Locking

AdworkMediaContent Locking is not really a new concept in CPA Marketing, but has gained a lot of popularity with Internet Marketers lately. It is a very popular way to earn money via a “CPA Gateway”.

The two networks which deal very effectively with Content Locking are Adwork Media and CPA Lead. Both have plugins that can be used with WordpPress sites. However the CPA Lead plugin is an outdated one. You can download the Adwork Media Content Locker plugin here. They also have some reading material on Content Locking. You can read it here. They have pre-made themes that you can apply in minutes and is very easy and quick to set up.

How does Content Locking Work?

The concept behind Content Locking is very simple. Basically you are locking up or denying some sort of content to a website viewer until such time that he/she fills out some incentive offer. As soon as the offer is completed, the content gets unlocked and the user gets to the see content he/she wanted.