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MaxBountyAre you an affiliate  who wants to earn good money from your website? Join MaxBounty as a publisher and get access to hundreds of advertising campaigns and receiving a single aggregated “always on time” commission payment from them.

MaxBounty acts as a single point of contact for advertisers and publishers, acting as a trusted source for both sides. Publishers benefit from having access to Advertisers benefit by having their CPA campaigns made available to thousands of publishers without having to recruit or maintain a single one. Their payment options include ACH, Check and PayPal and they handle International publishers with great ease too.

MaxBounty has over 10,000 active affiliates. There are over 500 campaigns to advertise across all traffic types like surveys, freebies, financial, insurance, dating, diet, etc. On being accepted at MaxBounty, you will be assigned your own Affiliate Manager. There are innumerable benefits of having a responsive Affiliate Manager whom you can reach through phone, IM or email. Do not hesitate to contact your Affiliate Manager to ask for the best converting offers and any other advise you may want for promoting your offers.

Some common FAQs answered for Affiliates from the MaxBounty website:

How do I become a publisher?
First step is to sign up here and validate the confirmation email we send. An affiliate manager will review your website for appropriate content. The second step is phone contact with an affiliate manager so we can understand how you intend to advertise our sponsors.

Is phone verification required to become a publisher?
Yes. If we cannot reach you by phone to have a simple discussion about your methods of advertising, you will not be approved into the network.

What’s the fastest way to be approved?
You can get approved to MaxBounty on the same day you sign up with three easy steps. Sign up here. Confirm the email we send you. Call the affiliate manager listed on the confirmation page during normal business hours instead of waiting for them to contact you.

Does MaxBounty accept international publishers?
We accept publishers from most countries. Currently we do not accept publishers from India or China due to the high incidence of fraud.

Will I be approved if I don’t have a website?
Maybe. How will you advertise our sponsors? Call the affiliate manager assigned to your application and have that discussion.

When are publishers paid?
Publishers are initially paid on a monthly net 15 basis. For example, publishers generating revenue in January will receive their payments on February 15th. Once a publisher has received their first payment from us, they are automatically placed on a weekly payment schedule if they are receiving their payments electronically. We require a minimum balance of $100 before we issue a payment. If you don’t reach this level, your earnings will roll over to the subsequent pay period until you reach the minimum $100.

What about weekly payments?
Publishers who have earned at least one payment from us and who are paid electronically are automatically moved to weekly payments.

How are publishers paid?
We pay publishers by check, PayPal, Pre-paid MasterCard by Payoneer or Electronic Funds Transfer. The options available are dependent on a publisher’s home country. Our system tracks all earnings in US Dollars, however most international publishers paid by check have the benefit of receiving their payment in their national currency and drafted from a local bank. For example, Canadian publishers have their earning converted to Canadian dollars and paid via check drafted from a Canadian bank. It is the same with Australians in Aussie dollars, Brits in Pounds and a host of other counties and currencies. We do this so international publishers don’t suffer the fees and delays often implemented by their banks when depositing American checks. The list of countries we support is too large to include here so please contact your affiliate manager if you have any questions about how you’ll be paid.

What is incentive traffic and is it allowed?
Incentive traffic is when a publisher offers a surfer a reward of some kind (virtual or real) to sign up to an advertiser through their publisher link. A potential publisher must understand that while MaxBounty does allow some forms of incentive traffic, publishers using incentive traffic will be limited to advertising only the few ad campaigns which accept it. Most campaigns do not accept incentive traffic. We’re very selective on the kinds of incentive traffic we accept and very strict on incentive publisher adherence to only advertising the campaigns which allow it. Generally speaking, potential publishers who purchase or license common GPT (Get Paid To) incentive scripts, will not be accepted into the network due the higher level of problematic leads they seem to generate.

Does MaxBounty accept content unlock traffic?
Yes, we generally accept this kind of traffic but only on campaigns which accept incentive traffic. You are required to own or have rights to distribute the content which is being unlocked. It should be not be pornographic in nature and is subject to the same terms and conditions a publisher’s website is subject to.